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Why should you get all the energy? Let’s make our personal environment better with high energy Plants!
Get your Organic garden jump started with our Plant Elixir.

The “high-spin” elements that light up your aura can lighten up your plants and release Precious Element wave forms into your home environment or your yard. Happy plants can entertain you with Beauty!

All New Process for Rapid Absorption!

We have discovered that by using UltraSound to create nano-colloidal particles, that the absorption by the plants is dramatically increased.

Humatrix™ is a combination of  ORME/ORMUS PGEs and soluble nano-humates

“I had just bought some pansies at the nursery. Between overwatering and transplant shock I thought I had lost them. After one watering with Plant Elixir™, the next morning they were perky and the blossoms opened. By that afternoon they were going strong. Thrilling! I love my plants.” Alice W.

One always has to consider the style and structure of the energy that is cultivated within the plants that you are consuming. Invariably, we get comments on the plants that are either consumed or inhaled that the energy is the cleanest and “highest” ever encountered.

1 Liter Plant Elixir™ $39.95


Directions: Dilute at 50:1 ratio for weekly dosing. Liter covers 1000 sq ft one dose No dilution

5 foot tomato plants. They had folded over as we ran out of stakes to hold them

Frost protection observed. The ice was in birdbath 3/8” thick. We had nightly frost for 3 weeks with no effect on the lettuce.

birdbath icesheet

4 foot Red Spinach plants

3” snowfall on remaining lettuce after javalina pack attack. They lifted up the fencing with tusks.

Frost directly on leaves night after snow melted

Same lettuce 4 hours after taking pic above. No sign of frost damage

1 Liter Plant Elixir™ $39.95