I just received my order for the Cleopatra’s Milk. Let me say that I was 'ordered' to order again so as not to run out!
I shared your products with my mother who just turned 64 years old and she was hit on by so many guys and a bunch of people told her she was getting younger. Now this may not seem strange given the power of your products,but from 2 days use!!! All I can say is you have a customer for life. God bless you and may your business prosper.
Never in my life have I seen such power in a product. Many people have asked me what I used.I told a lot of people about your products and gave them your web address. And they are telling other people. And thanks for the fast shipping.
Please dont ever stop making these amazing products. All I can say is Priestessalchemy is Heaven sent!!!!

Dear Priestess:
With regard to the Elixir and other topical products.
We, Jim, the neighbors and I have been experimenting with several different applications.They have proven (in our applications) to relieve muscle and bone pain within 20 minutes or so. I have noticed a dramatic relief of acne roseacea and sun-damage on my face, neck and throat; I live in Arizona.
The furrows on my forehead have softened and started to "puff up", in other words, they are going away. Jim has even started applying the therapeutic lotion to his face (guess he is jealous of my newly less wrinkled skin!). Truthfully, I am using the massage oil under the therapeutic lotion as the desert has dried up again and I need the extra moisture.
It has relieved pain in my neighbor's injured hand, and her recent back surgery pain is diminished after applying the Cleopatra’s Milk..

Warmest regards, Pat

Priestess, thanks so much for sending me the Cleopatra’s Milk.I had a bad fall into some bushes and received many cuts and bruises. I fell about 10 feet.. I was very concerned because some of the cuts were on my face and neck and I worried about scars.
After two days I received your lotion and started using it that night.
It worked beautifully,there was such an improvement. OVERNIGHT!  This is really a wonderful product. I'm going to keep using it until its gone then I want some more.
Thanks again
Love, Lynne Moody (professional actress)


The Cleopatra’s Milk makes my skin feel like silk! I have worked in the Arizona sun all my life. I don’t have skin anymore, it is leather.
Tom Uribe (landscape designer and outdoor sculptor)


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