Pink Panther ORME

Pink Panther ORME


30 gm Powder organic natural occurring ORME



I am coining the term N-ORME to encompass plant or humic genesis Platinum Group Elements in the ORME sub-metallic state.

I had been burning Douglass Fir grown up on the Colorado Plateau (volcanic PGE City up there) all winter and when I cleaned out the fireplace, the ash looks exactly like this high grade PGM ore I am working R&D on at a mine. I took some and hit it with Citric Acid until it was steady at pH 3 and the Fe was gone along with any misc junk metals. What is left is this Mauve ( purple as nanoGold and pink (classic Rhodium characteristic) organic Silica. Now I work with Rh all day everyday and this stuff will shoot Rh and the other PGEs for sure.

If D.R.Hudson analyzed Rh/Ir ORME in cow and pig brains then how did it get there? The Angus cattle around here eat grass and brush grown in PGE sand. If anything, humans just don’t eat that kind of plants so how are we to get that 5% Rh/Ir in our brains? Are we just plain dumber than pigs? I’m not making any outlandish claims here, just yet. I will guarantee you one thing though and that is the amount of bioavailable PGEs in this stuff on a gram for gram basis will blow away SeaSalt/water ORMUS. This is NOT an ORMUS type product. Rather it is based on the original ORME road recipe, see /Introview/ORME



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