Long Stone Energy Patch

Long Stone Energy Patch


Long Stone of Heaven Quantum Energy Patch 11.25” 28.6cm x 3.25” 8.3cm.


Long Stone Patch will wrap ankles, knees, wrists or cover more spine area. This is the Stone of Heaven Quantum Coherence energy field coupled with Elite Shungite energy. These field energies may facilitate accelerated healing and have been shown to relieve pain quickly. See the other Stone of Heaven Patch User Reports for how it may work for you. https://www.priestessalchemy.com/orme-product-user-reports/user-reports-stone-of-heaven-energy-patch/

11.25” 28.6cm x 3.25” 8.3cm. $99.95

Contains: Stone of Heaven™ ORME glass powder, Elite Shungite powder, Paramagnetic Ores and SkinSafe Silicone as used in special FX movie makeup.


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